Add To Your WishlistPiccolo Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

Add To Your WishlistPiccolo Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

Piccolo Wood Pellet Pizza Oven With Free Bag Of Wood Pellets

Purchase a Mi-Fire Piccolo Pizza Oven and receive a free 15kg bag of wood pellets to get you started! Perfect for cooking outside and creating the best pizzas around. You can spice things up and create your own combination of pizza to suit your own taste buds perfectly!

Create restaurant quality pizzas at home! It is portable and lightweight and is also eco-friendly using sustainably sourced wood pellets.

The Piccolo heats to 500°c in just 10 minutes and cooks delicious pizzas in an amazing 60 seconds. Piccolo provides perfect cooking conditions for pizzas, meat, fish and vegeatble dishes in minutes!

it is so portable you can pack it up and take it in the garden, the beach or on holiday and create exceptional food for all the family. 

Detachable chimney and light weight means it is easy to transport for outdoor parties, they height of this pizza oven is also adjustable with its retractable legs.